10 Reasons To Start Yoga Today (no matter what)!

If you’ve been putting off joining a yoga class because you think you are too unfit, not flexible, too old, overweight or whatever other excuse you’ve told yourself, think again!  Here expert yoga instructor Nianna Bray gives you ten reasons you need to run, not walk, to sign up for yoga today!  Hint:  It’s life altering!

UHPLeSaineParis More and more people are interested in yoga, yet still have not mustered up the motivation to step on a mat. You don’t need to be fit, flexible, spiritual or self absorbed to give yoga a try. But if you have been flirting with the idea of learning to practice yoga then you do need to begin. And the truth is it’s never to late to start. Just start from where you are and the practice will take care of the rest. Here are 10 reasons you should start yoga today.

Your body and mind will thank you

Yoga is like a mini vacation from the daily stresses and tensions of life. When you are less stressed your body and mind will function optimally. When your body is healthy you are stronger emotionally and this allows your mind release all the fears, doubts and insecurities and enjoy life a bit more.

You know you want to

You see all the movie star and celebrities doing it!  Yoga has gone mainstream and is always in the news.  All your friends are telling you how amazing they feel after their yoga class. You have been thinking about it for long enough so you might as well give it a try and commit to 40 days to see if yoga is right for you.

Boost your confidence

Yoga is a major confidence booster! If you begin now and sick with it as a lifestyle not a fad you will begin to see and feel results both physically and mentally. Yoga is a personal empowerment practice that brings individuals a true sense of accomplishment connection and purpose, which makes you feel good about yourself.   Besides they don’t call it a “yoga glow” for nothing. Start yoga today and get your glow on.

Be human

Yoga will remind you that you are indeed part of the human race. You will begin to understand your self a little better, discover compassion and realize that while life is tough everyone is doing the best they can. Soon you will be less judgmental and more compassionate with your fellow brothers and sisters.

Be a better lover

Yoga empowers your pelvis and awakens your life force, which happens to be your sexual energy as well. When you awaken this power within, you not only become more physically radiant but you also have more energy in the bedroom and the emotional capacity to connect authentically with another.

Get unstuck

Life is movement. If you are feeling confused or stuck now is for sure the time to start yoga. Yoga will get your body moving which will awaken parts of your brain and will get the juices flowing. From a more juiced place you will spontaneously come up with new solutions and be inspired to make the necessary changes in your life.

A healthy spine is a healthy life

Keeping your spine healthy is vital if you want to live an active and functional life. Your spine covers the spinal cord, which is a column of nerves that relay signals from your brain to the rest of your body allowing you to control you movements. When the spine is comprised a slew of maladies arise from general malaise to chronic pain and even depression. Don’t wait another minute! Keep your spine happy and healthy and the rest of your life will follow.

Breathe well to live well

Most people don’t even notice their breath. But if you begin your yoga practice today you will be introduced to your breath in a way that could possibly change your life. Breath is life and when you have a direct relationship and intimacy with life. It’s almost like a rebirth! Conscious breathing has endless benefits like less tension, less anger, more patience, and bliss… but don’t just take our word for it. Give it a try right now. Pause and enjoy 10 long deep full breaths. Then pause and notice how you feel. You might just be hooked!

Become your own best friend

You might not notice it right now but you tell yourself a lot of lies that you believe as true. You can even be down right cruel to yourself. If you start yoga today you will begin a journey of self-discovery that will lead to a kinder inner self-dialogue. With enough practice and quiet time with yourself your inner best friend will emerge and no longer put you down but instead be kind and encouraging. Its called compassion and it begins with our selves.

Respect yourself and others will too

Most of the time we are down on ourselves and often make choices that are less then desirable. Others learn how to treat you by the way you treat yourself. Yoga will teach you how to respect yourself and when you respect yourself others will follow your example.

Self-care is priority number one

You live in a consumer world that tells you you are not enough so that you will buy more to fill up or cover the perceived lack. This conditioning keeps you looking outside yourself for approval. To gain approval you try and please everyone else. This is simply draining and not sustainable. Begin yoga today and you will learn that you are enough and that attending to your own needs is the only truly sane thing to do. You will stop manipulating others in trying to get your needs met and instead tap into a reservoir of inner abundance. As you begin to take responsibility for your own happiness and physical, mental and emotional health you stop seeking it from others and empower yourself. From an empowered place you are able to share yourself with others and your generosity will flow naturally from your own self-care.

About Nianna Bray

Nianna Bray is a tantric yogini and international teacher sharing the spiritual wisdom of self-realization globally. She is fierce, compassionate, openhearted and accessible to all. She lights a sacred fire in the hearts of her students and gives them the tools to tend their inner flame. She is the owner of Away Inward Retreats (awayinward.com), a boutique travel company that leads global spirit and wellness adventures and does seva work through her nonprofit, childrenweserve.org. As a women’s empowerment leader she inspires women to awaken their inner Shakti and liberate their sensual female power. www.niannabray.com

Nianna’s upcoming yoga retreats include:

Bali, Indonesia:  Explore Bali Yoga Adventure Retreat March 23-30 http://www.awayinward.com/bali.html

Paris, France:  Weekend yoga immersion in Paris at Rasa Yoga April 10-12 http://www.rasa-yogarivegauche.com/en/event.php?event_id=315

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