10 Steps to Greater Fitness and Well-Being

Getting organized, motivated and taking small steps is what we believe will lead to greater fitness in the long run!

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We at Fit to Inspire are not into resolutions – to us, they feel like a set-up for failure.  Instead, we’re thinking about REVOLUTIONS.  All it takes is a tiny bit of organization, and the payoffs are huge – fitness becomes reality and the well-being it brings radiates into everything else in life.

Right now, we’re super-inspired by Olympia Dukakis, who recently told FTI:  “Fitness is important, because it gives you a will to engage in life.”

In the spirit of Better Fitness = Better life, we’ve compiled a wellness shortlist.  These 10 points are your fast track to higher energy, creativity, stamina and patience (bonus: extra sanity and focus).  Tape it on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, on your dashboard, wherever you’ll see it often.  We promise that, once you start, you’ll see a ripple effect so fast, you’ll wonder why you ever put off a personal revolution in the first place.

  1.  Begin and end your day with silence.  Take a 3-minute break from being busy. Reflect. Prioritize. Acknowledge the value of fitness.
  2.  Take baby steps.  Make LESS time for fitness, more OFTEN. Don’t get trapped by grand-scale New Year’s fitness regimens and goals. Just put on your shoes and give it five minutes. Then, if you have time, five minutes more.
  3. Put it in writing.  Mark your calendar now for weekly fitness.
  4. Who cares about trends? Do what you love.  You are more likely to stick with a physical activity that you enjoy.  Is it walking, zumba or a triathlon?
  5. Treat yourself.  Take advantage of sales and promotions and buy new workout gear.  Try some of these things we love. Keep your gear easily accessible: on the chair by the bed, by the door, wherever you can grab them easily.
  6. Pair up.  Having a fitness buddy averts procrastination. Plus, it’s more fun!
  7. Commit.  Sign up for one event before June (or more if you want!). Having a goal – a distance, a date, an event, a tennis partner to beat – is highly motivating. Your health is already a supremely worthy cause;  having an additional one makes it about something bigger.
  8. The power of NEW.  Pick a new activity, try new moves, test new equipment, source a new playlist to keep your adrenaline flowing.
  9. A family affair.  Go for a family Sunday hike, swimming lessons or a paddle – everyone benefits.
  10. Eat mindfully.  Pay attention: food affects energy levels as well as mood. Try to eat ‘clean’, and cut down on processed food.  Try planning a weekly menu (good for balance, as well as your bank account).

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