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Thank you so much for coming to visit Fit To Inspire!  Here is a bit of my story and how Fit to Inspire came to be born!  My professional bio is at the bottom of the page.

Soon after my 40th birthday a few years ago, I realized that I spent a vast quantity of my spare time (granted, with three young kids this wasn’t actually that much!) trying to get other girlfriends to do something active with me, preferably outdoors!  At the same time, I also started getting tired of the many websites targeted only at younger women, often flaunting perfect bodies on the cover.  And I thought, “Hey, wait a minute!  That is not inspiring me at all!”  Why don’t we put together a site for women of ALL ages, shapes, sizes and levels of fitness?  Sprinkle the site with stories of inspiring women, advice and tips from well-being experts, lots of healthy inspiration from France (my adopted country), and recipes from well-known chefs and cookbook authors?  And voila, that’s how Fit To Inspire came to be!

Rebeca PlantierOver the years, my personal well-being challenges have included losing baby weight three times, over-thinking food and eating and not always keeping a healthy weight in either direction, and often over-challenging myself when it comes to athletic feats.  In each case, what brought me back to balanced living, was support and inspiration from my girlfriends and healthy women around me.  That’s what I want everyone to get from Fit to Inspire:  inspiration, encouragement and support to achieve greater well-being (and not a quick fix to lose five pounds in five days!).  After all, the healthier we are, the better we feel!  And feeling great is everything! 

What else inspires me?  My three lovely children, my supportive husband, and the beautiful nature of my adopted town of Annecy, France (If you like amazing scenery, make sure to check out our Instagram site!).  I love all sorts of outdoor activities: running, hiking, cycling, swimming (Lake Annecy is the cleanest lake in all of Europe!), paddleboarding (my latest passion), tennis and mostly I looooove to walk..  My other passion in life?  Decluttering and organizing my house (I know, it’s a bit weird!).  I’m a wannabe minimalist, what can I say? I also love my Filofax and planners in general…but plan on going totally paperless otherwise (exciting)!  Don’t be surprised to see the odd post about getting organized and time management!

Meet the talented women who are part of the Fit to Inspire team here.  And please connect with me directly on info@fittoinspire.com and make sure to join our community of thousands of women active on social media:


Here’s an interview I did that explains my philosophy on women and wellbeing – enjoy!

We can’t wait for you to get inspired and inspire us too!

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Professional Bio

Rebeca Plantier is the founder of Fit to Inspire, an online community inspiring women to greater well-being regardless of their age, shape, size or level of fitness.

Rebeca’s posts about eating and moving like the French have had more than a million shares on social media since 2014.  Her book, Lessons From France: Eating, Fitness, Family discusses the simplicity and efficiency of well-being in France, and guides readers into adapting these principles to increase overall well-being and pleasure.

She is a regular Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen well-being contributor; her articles have also appeared in Salon, Business Insider, Elephant Journal, KrisCarr.com, EatLocalGrown, travel site Matador Network and many others.  Rebeca was interviewed and featured on national French television to showcase the work she has done promoting healthy French school cafeteria menus around the world.  Her next book, due end of 2016, will focus on the healthy eating habits of French children, and how their example can be replicated elsewhere to increase wellbeing and decrease the global trend of childhood obesity.

Rebeca began her career in PR in London, became a marketing director at an Internet start-up and eventually co-founded the Paris office of non-profit organization OAfrica.org, where she volunteered her fundraising and marketing skills for more than a decade, and continues to do so today.  She is also the organizer of an annual global women’s power walk event raising awareness and funds for medical charity Operation Smile.

Rebeca is an advocate of sit-down family meals, outdoor family activities, and keeping life as simple as possible.  She was born in the United States but grew up all over the world, living on four continents. Today she lives in Annecy, France, with her husband and three children.

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“Explore Fit to Inspire!  It’s fabulous, inspiring, and so empowering for women of all ages!” – Olympia Dukakis, Oscar award winning actress

“Thanks, Fit to Inspire, for spreading great habits!” – Charles Duhigg, New York Times best-selling author of  The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

“Fit to Inspire is exactly the kind of empowering media for women I want to see in the world!” – Jade Beall, photographer and founder of The Bodies of Mothers: A Beautiful Body Project

“Fit to Inspire is a brilliant offering for women around the world.  It’s time to step into our power and Fit to Inspire will help us do just that!” – Alice Bracegirdle, Founder, CEO Bellyfit International

“Fit to Inspire’s message of making fitness and well-being accessible to all women is a positive one we fully support!” – Athleta

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