Back In Town: Sophie B Hawkins Talks Fitness, Music and Life!

Singer, songwriter and free spirit Sophie B Hawkins, made famous at 26 with hits such as “Damn! I Wish I Was Your Lover”,  credits yoga, fitness and a holistic approach to life with keeping her balanced and looking great!


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Singer, songwriter and free spirit Sophie B Hawkins is back home. After 18 years on the West Coast, Sophie and her son Dashiel have resettled on the Upper West Side of Manhattan – her hometown – and reconnected with family and friends. Moving is always a major production, but this year’s record snowfall and cold gave the Grammy-nominated artist plenty of time to reflect on her life, both professionally and personally.

“This year has been very much about rebirth and renewal for me. Moving is seldom easy, but I have not been this excited about what the future holds in a long time,” she says.  “It has been simultaneously raw and liberating to start over again in New York City.  I have always loved New York, this is where I studied music and was ‘discovered’, but living out West you forget, artistically, just how much Manhattan has to offer.  Every time I step outside, creativity is flowing through the streets.”

Her debut album, Tongues and Tails, was nominated for a Grammy when Hawkins was just 26 years old, but today Sophie is just as beautiful – arguably even more so – than she as when “As I Lay Me Down” and “Damn! I Wish I Was Your Lover” made her a star.  She credits yoga, exercise and a holistic approach to life for keeping her balanced as a performer, artist and mom. Her yoga mat is a constant companion, whether at the playground with her young son or backstage. It is not unusual to see her mediating or doing yoga stretches as preparation before taking to the stage and delivering yet another awe-inspiring performance.

But while she is best known as a singer-songwriter, Hawkins is a multi-faceted talent: she also paints, writes  (she is working on a children’s book) and acts, and has just completed a successful run as Janice Joplin in the play “Room 105”.

Last year, Sophie released her sixth album, ‘The Crossing’ (available on itunes and, for which she will tour this spring and summer.  Sophie will be performing two shows at The Iridium in New York on April 25th (for tickets visit  Also in the pipeline: a new blues album, a long-held dream.

Now that Spring has finally made it to New York City, Hawkins relishes exploring Central Park with her son and showing him “her” city.  “Every stage of your life awakens another part of your art,” she observes.  “Now as a mother, daughter, sister, friend, I am embarking on new and exciting challenges, which is thrilling for me, and to share that with my son makes it sweeter.”

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