Cookbook Author Laura Calder’s Weight Causes Her No Stress

TV chef and cookbook Laura Calder’s weight doesn’t stress her out, thanks in part to her mom’s healthy approach to eating and life!

Credit: Mark Hemmings

Credit: Mark Hemmings

I hopped on the scales today and I haven’t done that in a long while, because I go by feel, not by numbers, as a rule. Anyway, this was just after one of those deep-fried dinner ordeals, which leave me feeling like a beached whale. (I had made the deep-fried mess myself, mind you, having been given the gift of a piece of Ling cod and told beer batter was in order.)  To my amazement, the number on the scales was a familiar one: the same number that always appeared on the scales back in high school when I used to weigh myself in a state of paranoia every day.

Obviously my body looks different than it did 20 years ago, or I suppose it does, but funny how that one precise number keeps popping back up.  It’s reassuring, really, in the same way that it has always been reassuring to look at my mother over the years and see that she never seems to change. She’s never been too skinny, never too fat, just some rosy-cheeked, healthy place in between, quivering up and down sometimes in the 10 pounds on either side. Just like me.

I’ve gone up too high occasionally, when I’ve been miserable, but, once the storm blows over, I always seem to balance out at the same place, and I credit my mother and the eating habits she instilled in me for that stability. I also credit her for never commenting about my weight or hers, and for never making comments about how much I ate, or she ate, or how much anyone else ate.  In fact, whenever I myself have complained, as I might tonight, her response was/is always, “It will go down” (an expression, which, later in life, she told me had something to do with a bathtub rattlesnake incident in Botswana, when she was young).

Weight, I’ve come to realize, is just like any other way our body has of communicating to us how we’re doing, usually emotionally. And it’s a very good thing when we, and the people around us, just let it be what it is, without worry. I really enjoyed that fry up tonight, by the way, and I don’t want to rob my body of the indulgence, so no guilt. Because my mother would just remind me, “It will go down.”  And the numbers are very kindly backing her up.

To hear Laura talk about what she eats on a regular basis, click here for an exclusive video.

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4 Responses to “Cookbook Author Laura Calder’s Weight Causes Her No Stress”

  1. larry kimball

    Hi Laura – I enjoyed your comments on the use of the bathroom scale. I have always believed that a woman should be appropriately rounded, and not the rail-thin build promoted today. The body has a way of making adjustments to weight and metabolism by itself. There is usually no need for drastic measures. Just the use of common sense in eating and drinking. I am always glad to see an episode of French Food at Home, and I consider consider you to be one of the most beautiful women on TV. À tout à l’heure!

  2. Lori

    First of all, you are my most favorite cook to watch. You are beautiful, relaxing, natural and,oh,so talented! I never pay much attention to the scales either-tight jeans are proof enough for me. I have hovered within the same 10 pounds for the past 20 years, too. (minus my year during the accidental “divorce diet” which brought me to a glorious size 4)

  3. Murissa @TheWanderfullTraveler

    Love this post and find it very helpful!
    Since I started blogging 3 years ago I have found myself fluctuating in weight but I think when Laura wrote “Weight, I’ve come to realize, is just like any other way our body has of communicating to us how we’re doing, usually emotionally” because it does make us look internally and want to nourish ourselves emotionally rather than looking externally and want to deprive.
    Laura is my favourite television chef and I miss shows like hers!


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