How Do Wellbeing Experts Get Fit And Inspired?

We asked two health gurus, Claudine Dagit and Haley Whitley, founders of the 10-day Health Challenge, to tell us how they get inspired to greater fitness and well-being!

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Claudine, a natural chef, and Haley, a holistic nutritionist, co-founded the 10-Day Health Challenge to inspire healthy eating and mindful living.  Their seasonal challenge showcases how a diet based on whole foods can be enjoyable, cost-effective, and save time in the kitchen.  This is not about counting calories, fad diets or drastic changes.  Rather, it’s about shaking up your approach to home cooking while making you feel like a pro in the kitchen!

What kind of fitness/exercise do you do now regularly?

C- I teach spinning and I feel most in my flow while running on a trail or on a Pilates reformer.

H-I’m a Pilates reformer, barre, and boot camp instructor, plus I love trail running and cycling. I like a variety of exercises so I can keep my body and mind sharp.

What new sport/exercise would you like to do in this lifetime?

H- I have a dream of completing a half Ironman. I’m sure it’ll happen one day!

C- I’d love to walk the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.

H&C – We’d love to compete together in the Big Sur relay race.

What is your idea of a perfectly ‘fit and healthy’ day? 

H&C: We’re both addicted to the 10-Day Health Challenge Lemon-Energizer-Aid, which is a great way to start the day and wake up the digestive system.  It has fresh lemon juice, cayenne, turmeric, ginger, and honey – and you can drink it hot or cold. We both really believe that optimal health comes from balance: eating meals based on nourishing, whole food ingredients, exercising regularly, and taking time for self-care, whether its a 20-minute meditation, a warm bath, or walking the dog.

Spending some time in the kitchen creating recipes is a must during our perfect “fit and healthy” day – it’s our creative outlet, which is why we love our job so much! Claudine loves hanging out with farm animals and being barefoot in the dirt, while Haley’s perfect day would include a surf session in the warm tropical waters of Costa Rica.

What is your biggest fitness and well-being obstacle?

C- Being in the kitchen and around food all the time can be a real test of self-control. Even though I cook health, whole, plant-based meals, I still need to be sure to not overeat while I’m cooking – whole cashew cream and hemp spirulina power bars are healthy, but they’re not equal to celery and snap peas.

HEven though I know what I need to do to be healthy and fit, sometimes my busy schedule gets in the way. I need to remember to plan accordingly and make time to prep meals and get to bed before 11pm. Our 10-Day Health Challenge clients have repeatedly said our system of organized prep plans and grocery shopping lists makes healthy eating totally doable; I try to follow the same principles.

What is your greatest motivation to get out the door and moving?

H- To be a positive role model and authentic teacher for my students in Pilates and bootcamp classes.

C- I want to remain an example of healthy living for my spinning students, private chef clients and women attending my wellness weekends. H&C- Making a plan to workout together!

What is your all-time greatest fitness-related achievement?

C- Being the only female on the wrestling team in high school and pinning a boy in the weight class above me.

H- Running a marathon in under three hours and completing my first Olympic distance triathlon last November.

What would you say to people who have not yet discovered the mental and physical benefits of a regular fitness regime?

H&C- Once it becomes a habit, it becomes something you can’t image your life without. Exercise isn’t just about how it makes you feel or look now, but how how you’re going to feel when you’re 70! Regular fitness will improves your quality of life in the future and help prevent chronic disease as you age.

What is the best fitness / well-being advice you’ve ever received?

C- Michael Pollan’s quote: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

H- I don’t work out because I hate my body, I work out because I love my body. I don’t eat vegetables because I’m punishing my body, I eat vegetables because I love my body.

Who has inspired fitness / well-being in you? And how will you inspire others to be fit this year?

C- Michael Pollan has inspired me to rethink the history of food and to remain close and connected to the source of my ingredients. I keep all his books next to my bed and am continually inspired when re-reading his work.

H&C- We want to keep spreading the 10 Day Health Challenge and inspire others to be fit, healthy, and happy.

H- Collaborating with other strong female fitness instructors is always really inspiring to me. I also recently read A Life Without Limits, an autobiography by Chrissy Wellington, the world’s No. 1 female Ironman triathlete. If that book won’t make you get up and put your running shoes on, I’m not sure what will!

If you would like to embark on the 10-Day Health Challenge with Claudine and Haley, please visit to register and for more information! The next 10-Day Health Challenge begins on March 30th!  Register today!

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