Let Me Tell You Why Your 40s Are So Great!

As her 50’s decade arrived a short while ago, Fit to Inspire Co-Founder Heather Wagner wants us all to know why your 40s are so great…and why she’s also looking forward to the future!

Heather 50

What is it about this decade that makes us more interesting, sexier and confident?  Let me tell you!

I remember when I turned 40, a man I worked with told me he thought woman were at their most interesting and sexiest in their 40s and I thought, “COOL!  Bring on those wrinkles!”  I decided to embrace turning 40 (if not really the wrinkles) and thought I would share my experiences.  As a dear friend just reminded me, I’m 50 now, so old enough to look at the past decade and share my thoughts!

So, what is it about our 40s that is so liberating?

What about this decade makes us sexier to men? How could it be that while our hair is turning grey, our once perfect complexions are now slowly developing more freckles (code for “age spots”), we have wrinkles not only around our eyes but also around our knees, even our bum “dimples” start traveling south down our legs…and yet we are at our peak?

Firstly, I think it has as much to do with how we seem to grow into ourselves fully by 40, giving us a freedom to breathe and really embrace ourselves for who we are.  We stop trying to become someone and something we are not.  And with that comes a certain inner peace, freedom and sense of self that we may have missed out on in our 30s and certainly in our 20s, when we are experimenting and finding out who we really are.

Girlfriends make all the difference!

This freedom extends into our friendships as well.  We stop competing with each other and start supporting one another.  I realize as I begin my 50’s decade that the best part of aging has been what it has done to my relationships all around.

I love that I can laugh at life more often, and that together with my friends, I can laugh at myself.  That sense of self and confidence is what makes a woman in her 40s irresistible!

If you are not yet in your 40’s here is what you have to look forward to when you hang out with your friends:

  • Instead of meeting up for drinks at some great new bar, we often have coffee between loads of laundry or schedule a call after work when kids are in bed so we can share a “virtual” glass of wine.
  • Instead of talking about the hot new guys at work or dishing about the latest celebrity news we swap stories about our kids (like how many tantrums is normal for a toddler or how to deal with pre-teens!) and then end up laughing about how we are once again trying to find a bathing suit that highlights our attributes while somehow also supporting our post baby bodies.
  • When we do get to all meet up it gets even better – as instead of all checking each other out to see who has the trendiest outfit, who looks the best, or whatever we might have done, we now run into each other arms, open a bottle of wine and start laughing.
  • We help each other figure out life’s struggles, we support each other through the ups and the downs and we tell each other the truth – like, “YES, that pair of pants do make your butt look big.”  BUT, we do it from a place of honest love and then we send each other back into the world just a little bit stronger, a little happier, a little more confident and A LOT MORE SEXY!

The conversations always seems to leave us feeling full hearted, loved and totally NOT alone in this journey.  The 40s for many of us includes spouses, growing children, careers, ageing parents – it is a busy, full-on decade for many!  Girlfriends are the support and laughter that can make it all possible when life gets overwhelming.  What would I do without them, I often wonder?

To all your 40 somethings out there, or those about to turn 40 – live it up!  Celebrate yourself and avoid focusing on your imperfections, physical and otherwise.  Keep your priorities straight and make sure one of them is time spent with girlfriends!  What a great decade!

I have loved my 40s and I feel totally ready for this next decade now that I’m 50!  Bring on the wrinkles and bum dimples!  I look forward to drinking fine wine in my 50s and aging like it – better and better as time goes on!

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  1. Angela Tyler

    I totally agree that the 40s are liberating! You don’t care what others think. You embrace your uniqueness. You stop apologizing for being YOU! And, you finally have (or make!) time for your girlfriends again!


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