Musician Sophie B Hawkins Answers Our Fitness Questionnaire

Fit to Inspire has adapted the traditional Proust questionnaire to find out how our celebrity and VIP friends get fit, stay fit, and squeeze a lot of well-being into their busy lives.  Let them inspire you!

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Singer, songwriter, actress and free spirit Sophie B Hawkins, made famous at 26 with hits such as “Damn! I Wish I Was Your Lover” and “As I Lay Me Down”, credits yoga, fitness, Jillian Michaels DVDs, and a holistic approach to life with keeping her balanced and fit.  Here, the 46-year-old answers FTI’s Proust fitness questionnaire.


What kind of fitness/exercise do you do now regularly?

I do a workout DVD for 20 to 30 minutes max, five days a week. That’s it, except for tennis with my sister in Central Park once a week when the weather’s warm, and walking everywhere. My favorite workout DVD coach is Jillian Michaels: she’s fast and tough and I love her sense of humor.

When I tour, I do yoga before shows on my mat in the dressing room, and if I’m ever near a heated pool I swim until I have to get out. I do love the ocean on the Cape in the summer.

What new sport/exercise would you like to do in this lifetime?

I would like to rock climb, and learn self defense with the Mossad. But I’d also like to learn to do nothing.

What is your biggest fitness and well-being obstacle ever?

My biggest fitness obstacle is that I don’t want to take the time out of my day or night to train, I don’t like showing up for classes, and I inevitably waste money when I sign up for a great, new yoga class or whatever.

My well-being obstacle is that I worry so much, I don’t relax and let life carry me. I tend to think of well being as something I have to do rather than a way to be.

What is your greatest motivation to get out the door and moving?

If I didn’t have a five year-old and two dogs I’m not sure when I would ever go out, except for work. I like to write in bed with a cup of coffee, or at my piano in the bedroom, and get to my exercise DVD when I need a break from my creative endeavor du jour. I suppose I’d go out for a walk eventually.

What is your all-time greatest fitness-related achievement?

My greatest fitness achievement happened after my son was born.  I looked in the mirror and realized I am beautiful and fit enough. I stopped turning around to see if my derriere was too large.  I decided I am who I want to be, physically, and this thinking has sustained a consistent form.

What would you say to people who have not yet discovered the mental and physical benefits of a regular fitness regime?

The point of fitness is that it’s personal, it’s between you and you. I like DVDs because no one is judging, and they work, so after just 10 minutes – and the “10 minute solutions” DVDs are also very good – you have radically loved yourself, you’ve made your life better. It’s taking care of yourself, and no one can do that better than you can.

What is the best fitness / well-being advice you’ve ever received?

The best fitness advice I ever heard was from Guru Muk, the kundalini yoga teacher (she has a GREAT DVD btw!). On it, she says, “start somewhere or you’ll get nowhere.”

Who has inspired fitness in you? And how will you inspire others to be fit this year?

My first great love is a rock climber and outdoor adventurer. He was so calm and strong, hailing from the midwest, and I was a snotty New Yorker. I admired his exercise routines, his mellow moods, and his healthy eating habits. When I was ready, years later, I imitated much of what he did. He followed the same exercise routine every morning in his apartment when he wasn’t on an adventure, and he always looked and felt great.

The way I can inspire others is by telling the simple truth:  Do Jillian Michaels or some yoga DVD for 20 minutes a day, or start with just 10. People think I work at my body, and I don’t do more than that, it’s consistency and joy for that small amount of time.  That’s enough to make your body the one that you want to be inside.

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