Seven Ways to Get Out of a Fitness Rut!

Stuck in a fitness rut? Meredith Keeve offers tips from the fitness frontlines, culled from her personal network of fabulous girlfriends from Cape Town to Toronto.

7 ways to get out of a fitness rut_ fit to inspire

Stagger Your Trainer

Staggering the timing of your workout – early in the morning one day, late afternoon another – can ensure your workout stays fresh.

Get (Movie) Buff

One movie buff I know checks the listings for her favorite classic movie channel and times her workouts according to the films she wants to watch while on the treadmill. Why didn’t I think of this?

Feeling Fit

One French femme fatale recommends buying clothes you love in your fittest size…. On a less daring note: consider ditching the scale for good. Feeling good in your clothes is a more useful guideline than mood-spoiling numbers.

Park and Walk

Park your car in the cheaper lot a few blocks from your appointment. Good for the budget and the buns.

Jelly Belly No More

Bellydancing has become the sport of choice for one woman who came to dread Pilates. Interestingly enough, this friend, a former runner, was suffering from aches and pains she feared might be serious, only to learn in dance class that tight hip flexors were the culprit. Now she stretches daily, and her bellydancing workouts are a joy!

Flats for Fitness

Flats are a way of life for one city dweller, who knows that when you wear flats you are that much more likely to take the stairs, walk another block, investigate a new park, or just take advantage of good weather. Bag your heels and head off on foot!  Check out how celebrity chef Laura Calder feels about walking here.

Focus on Achievement

Reward yourself for every improvement, whether it be a new skill, increased stamina or a new plateau.  Click here for books that may get you motivated to hit your next achievement!

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