Six Ways To Renew Your Body And Mind This Spring!


Happy Spring everyone!  This is definitely my favorite time of the year!  A time of melting snow, a rebirth of the mind and body following the winter season, shedding layers of clothing and excess of all sorts…feeling “lighter” in many different ways.   Warmer weather, longer walks, cycling with kids to school, hiking, flowers everywhere… what’s not to love?

It’s also the time of the year when women’s media goes crazy promoting excess detoxing, losing weight in preparation for “bikini season”, and inevitable talk of cellulite and the ultimate quest for its elimination.

My younger self would often hesitate to enjoy my favorite season of the year because, goodness forbid, I may have overdone it on the cheese fondue (I live in the Alps….it’s a winter staple!) one too many times, or because my arms might be a bit less toned from getting out of my warm weather swim routine. Complete craziness.  Instead of enjoying the warm sun beating down on my face while I was having lunch al fresco, I might be worried about how my butt looked in my white jeans.  Hello?

I’ve written about this many times before, most notably a few springs ago in MindBodyGreen here.  And every Spring I am remotivated to help “save” someone else from feeling inadequate during March media madness because everywhere you look (especially in the US where women’s magazines are omnipresent at the supermarket, drugstore, any store checkout) of out-of-reach, retouched “perfection” simply messes with our heads (even when we know better).  There is so much to say on this topic…

…but instead of going on about negative things beyond my control, I’ve decided to focus on the positive measures within my control to help me enjoy this amazing time of the year, to it’s fullest!  So here is my personal take on how to renew your mind and body this spring.  I think it’s a kinder, healthier way to feel great.

Detox on women’s media

Embark on a month-long detox on any women’s media whether print, digital,TV.  The conservative estimate on marketing messages we receive is about 700 ads/marketing each day !  It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you’re being told that many times in one single day that you need to look a certain way.  Ban it for a month (like the sun, don’t even look at it directly at the stores) and see if you miss it!


This French word means “relaxing” or even “stress relief”.  Let’s collectively stop feeling guilty for choosing to relax!  When did getting a massage, taking a long hot bath or even going to a spa become such a “luxury”?  If you ask me, these are complete essentials  for women in our day and age.  We go through life helping others, managing households/careers/kids/families…we should make détente mandatoryPlus, it does not have to cost a lot!  There are inexpensive alternatives for everything, including an at-home spa session.  If this is not part of your regular rituals, why not start this Spring?  Be kind to yourself! Get your inspiration here and and here!

Healthy Way To Shed Winter Weight

If you feel the need to shed some (fondue) weight from the winter, there is no better way to do it than drinking LOTS of water (go for 2 liters a day … that’s about half a gallon), and eating clean.  If you can do this for an entire week, you’ll feel so amazing, so much lighter and just better all-around that your focus will shift from “losing weight” to “feeling great”!  If you want a quick free guide to eating clean, click here.

Declutter for INSTANT feel-good factor

For those of you who receive our free monthly newsletter (click here if you want in), you know that last week I went on about decluttering your belongings and your life for better wellbeing and shared my favorite YouTube videos on the topic. If you want to feel amazing before the end of the day, pick a small area of your home (a drawer, one shelf, a corner) to declutter and then reorganize (Tip: always declutter before you reorganize).  You will instantly feel lighter and accomplished!  What an awesome way to start out the new season!

Go outdoors daily

Do whatever you can daily to get outdoors and move!  What a glorious time to walk the kids to school if that’s possible, or do your errands by foot (if your neighborhood is cars-only, then park as far away as possible and do as much as you can by foot), take a bike to work/school/errands, or rearrange your weekends so that you are not JUST taking your kids to sports, but enjoying some yourself (tag team with your partner, get a babysitter, carpool – do what you can).  It’s criminal not to get outdoors for your favorite fitness when the weather warms up – not only is it necessary for your body, but it’s totally essential for your mind!  (Tip: Book a “fitness” appointment with a friend or friends and make sure it happens!  There is definitely strength and accountability in numbers!).

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

This is on the decluttering wavelength (okay, okay, so it’s one of my passions in life….cause it feels soooooooo good and is the easiest and most instant way I know of feeling “lighter” in mind and spirit): when you go to pack up your winter clothes and pull out your spring wardrobe, go for a “capsule” wardrobe.  A capsule wardrobe consists of pairing down your entire closet into a smaller collection of clothes (you box the rest and put it away) to make getting dressed easier and less stressful.  Since we wear mostly 20% of our things 80% of the time, a capsule wardrobe contains only things we love, that we will wear often.  Get inspired here.  I’ve done this for my entire family just this past week and it’s already changing our lives in so many ways!  More on that in another post.

I hope that gives you some inspiration for feeling great this season and ENJOYING the Spring for everything this season represents:  Life, Joy, Love, Rebirth, Renewal.  Forget what the media wants to tell you about how you should look and what you “need” to be happy and pamper yourself with great food, some downtime and getting rid of things you don’t need in your life!  Make space for amazing things and people who make you feel great!

Wishing you a HAPPY week ahead!  And don’t forget:  When you inspire others, you’re actually inspiring yourself at the same time!  For added inspiration, follow us on Facebook or Instagram

See you here next Monday!!!

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