What I Do When I Overindulge On The Weekend (Or Any Day)!

No matter what my good intentions are, sometimes I get derailed from my wellbeing objectives!  This is what I have found really helps when I overindulge on the weekend.  I hope it will help you too!


Hello Everyone!

A long weekend like this past US holiday sometimes leaves you feeling kind of full from one too many indulgences.  Or maybe (like me), you happened to be disciplined with wellbeing during the week, and then you let loose on the weekend only to feel kinda gross on Monday morning.  When weekends and special occasions pop up – birthday parties, dinners with friends, weekends away, holidays – it can be tough to be on track 100%.

For me, getting off track is usually due to having one too many glasses of wine (I’m a lightweight in the drinking department, so this is not a difficult feat!), which leads to too much eating or nibbling, which leads to second (or more) helpings of dessert, which leads to a hangover and lethargy the morning after, which leads to no exercise the following day, which leads to feelings of guilt, bloat and general disgust.  Have you been there?

To me, there is nothing I enjoy LESS than a day of being hungover (alcohol, sugar or general food hangover), lazy, unmotivated, uninspired and feeling like nothing but my sweatpants would fit.  I’d rather do just about anything than have a day like this!

Sadly though, I’ve been there so many times.  My number one solution for this is avoiding the situations as much as possible in the first place. For me this means cutting back drastically on wine (the only real alcohol I enjoy….which includes champagne of course!).  Now since I don’t actually drink a lot at all, this means cutting back on the occasions I actually drink wine in the first place.  But living in France, this is quasi impossible! 🙂

I also like to take a cue from a friend, Jean Pascal, who has many dinners every week due to professional engagements:  he will sip a glass of wine, but in between drinks loads of water (I mean several glasses during a dinner)!  I’ve seen him do it and have been quite impressed as I find it easy to get distracted in conversation and forget the water in the first place.

When things go South though, and I don’t stick to my guns when it comes to having just a glass or being moderate all around, this is what I do:

  • No matter how I feel on Monday morning, I drink a huge glass of water and do at least a 30-minute workout first thing (personally, I use DVDs or streaming video for my workouts – but do what you’d like: a walk, a jog, yoga, whatever) in the morning.  This helps set the healthy tone of the day, and the week ahead!
  • I vow that no matter what else I do during the day I am going to drink between 3 and 4 liters of water (up to a gallon) to help my digestion, keep me full and clean me out!
  • I go heavy, heavy, heavy on the vegetables!  Salads, roast or steamed vegetables, vegetable soup, whatever is in the house!  I usually eat alongside some steamed fish or roast chicken breast.
  • I do NOT skip breakfast!  Not even if I am so full from the weekend before that I don’t feel like eating.  I stick to my breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner routine to make sure I keep my day on track and don’t go overboard at the end of the day because I didn’t eat enough in the first place.  Even if my breakfast is smaller than normal (I used to have a bowl of oatmeal daily but now I’m indulging in green smoothies and a small handful of brazil nuts or almonds), I eat it!
  • Aside from my 30 minute workout in the morning, I go for a 30-60 minute walk during the day.  This is pretty non-negotiable for me unless there is a torrential rainstorm or golf-ball sized hail.  It is not only a great way to burn some more calories, but it gets me in a better mood!  Every time!  And when I feel guilty or disappointed at myself for my setback, I need more feel-good endorphins in a bad way!
  • I get into gratitude mode.  Instead of focusing all day long on the bloat or the guilt, I talk to myself about how grateful I am that I’ve got strong legs, all-around health, a beautiful family, a corner of the house where I can work out in peace and quiet, an amazing view to wake up to, a community of women to inspire me, etc.  Find your gratitude!
  • I remind myself that every successful person experiences setbacks.  The difference between being succecssful and not, is how fast you can get back on track, learn from your mistakes and adopt a new plan of action.  It’s not the end of the world!

Don’t forget:  Wellbeing is a lifelong journey.  Bumps along the road are TOTALLY normal and not a reason to give up everything and surrender to a less than inspiring life!  Get back on track asap, learn from your mistakes, try a new strategy next time!  Personally, my ongoing strategy will be an accountability partner (whether online or offline), as I don’t want to have to report back on Monday mornings with a story that is less than inspiring.

HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!  And don’t forget:  When you inspire others, you’re actually inspiring yourself at the same time!  For added inspiration, follow us on Instagram!  See you there!



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