Five Websites To Help You Serve Healthy Family Dinners

Fresh out of ideas for healthy family dinners?  We have you covered!

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You are heading home after an 8-hour work day, stopping by the dry cleaner’s along the way, when your daughter calls. She needs orange construction paper for a school project. Then, “what’s for dinner?” she asks.

Dinner? Right. Take a deep breath. No sweat, Fit to Inspire has culled the best of the web for healthy family dinners – homemade meals that save time, money and zap stress.

This Week for Dinner

This Week For Dinner posts weekly menus every Sunday. The blog’s founder, Jane Maynard, then asks friends and readers to share their own, which keeps things fresh and interesting. Whether you’re working around a new baby, searching for new dinner strategies or want to mix up a kitchen playlist, Maynard’s got you covered.  Serve a healthy family dinner tonight!

Dinner: A Love Story

Dinner: A Love Story comes to the rescue of the family dinner:  the site’s philosophy is that ‘family dinner is a mindset’. Read about School Year’s Resolutions (i.e. more freezer meals), the miracles of marinating and DALS’ fail-proof meat-starch-veg template.

In Jennie’s Kitchen

In Jennie’s Kitchen is the brainchild of a professional recipe developer and food writer, a single mom with two daughters. When she lost her husband, Jennie explains, it was important to keep her ‘eyes focused on the path ahead, and getting across to the other side of grief.’  Baking and cooking became therapeutic, helping her through the process.  Jennie relies on fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, and specializes in updated classics and healthy and hearty winter soups with a dash of candied pecans and homemade pumpkin syrup for good measure.  A gem of a blog.


Flylady help you get your house and life in order with a daily flight plan and mission, from housecleaning and decluttering to organizing tips. We love the section on meal planning made easy, thanks to a planner and quick, healthy, easy recipes.

The Art of Simple

The Art of Simple does a ‘Back to the Basics’ series  with tips for effective menu and meal planning (think advance prep and cooking in bulk).  It also offers advice on scheduling your days, weeks and months.

Have any favorites we can add to our list?  Please leave a comment below!

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