Yoga and Wellness Expert Nianna Bray Anwers Our Fitness Questionnaire

Fit to Inspire has adapted the traditional Proust questionnaire to find out how our celebrity and VIP friends get fit, stay fit, and squeeze a lot of well-being into their busy lives.  Let them inspire you!



Nianna Bray is an embodied yogini, writer, speaker, traveler, guide and teacher with extensive practice and study in the art and discipline of yoga in the US and in India.  Nianna travels to every corner of the world inspiring better health, wellness and awareness in those that cross her paths.  With her company, Away Inward Retreats, Nianna holds wellness retreats from Peru to India and everything in between.  But who and what motivates Nianna?  Read on to find out how she answered our Proust Fitness Questionnaire!

Tell us about your current job!

I am an entrepreneur and wellness lifestyle consultant.  I teach yoga, tantra, meditation and holistic fitness and specialize in sexuality and sensual empowerment. I am the owner of an adventure wellness retreat company called Away Inward Retreats. We work globally leading retreats and cultural immersions in Peru, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Europe, Bali and more. I teach workshops throughout the USA, Europe and other parts of the world.

What inspired you to wellness and well-being in general?

My mother and grandmother inspired me to love travel, yoga, life, humanity.   As a result, I have seen much of the world and, in the process, met amazing people everywhere.  My goal is to bring more love and health (physical, emotional and mental) to others.  By sharing yogic wisdom and wellness I try to serve my fellow human beings and the planet.

How did you get started?

Exercise, fitness and eating well have always been important in my life.  When I was younger, I expressed myself through dance, and then yoga came into my life at 18.  Yoga put love and passion into my movement, as well as my desire for peace, freedom, mental strength, clarity, spiritual seeking, self-realization and wholesome wellness.  I knew I had found my path.

What is your idea of a perfectly ‘fit and healthy’ day?

Health for me is mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.  A fit day is one in which I wake up with gratitude and excitement for life feeling energized to take on the day.  A fit day is when I make healthy choices with regards to food, activities, service to others and work that I feel good about.  It’s a day that I take time out to focus on doing something good for my body and mind like hike, ride a bike, practice yoga, go for a walk or run, hit the weights, rock climb, jump off a paddleboard, be in nature, sit and meditate, open my heart and feel compassion for others and myself.

What is your biggest fitness and well­being obstacle ever?

My mind. It is easy to hold oneself back and to get in our own way. Besides that, routine.  I am not one for routine.  Changing things up helps me stay inspired and motivated.

What is your all-­time greatest fitness­-related achievement?

My greatest achievement is to do what is in front of me at a moment’s notice. I have learned this skill through meditation.  My body is ready for anything and I have the mental clarity to rise up to whatever challenge is in front of me.

What would you say to people who have not yet discovered the mental and physical benefits of a regular fitness regime?

We all have to start somewhere and no one is ever too old to begin. People get used to feeling like crap and they don’t know how to be in the world any other way.  Fitness is something within your control, so exercise your right to feel amazing.  Its a science, it works. Start. Take one action that will bring you closer to your desired state of feeling good then circulate those good feelings thought out your body mind. Learn from that then repeat. Each moment we get the chance to begin again.

What are the biggest issues/problems/worries/obstacles that your students/clients have in terms of fitness and well­being?

Most people will say “time” but I think it is the mind. Everyone would love to have more hours in the day. Our modern lives are so busy with silly mundane tasks, huge important projects or idle time on the smart phones. We put everything else before our own health and well being. But we have choice and we can shift our priorities. And honestly, it doesn’t take that much time to get started.  Twenty minutes a day spent nurturing oneself is worth more then gold and eventually we start to crave it.  As we see results and get that feel-good feeling it becomes easier to carve out more time.

What is the best piece of fitness and well­being advice that you ever received?

Just do it! Get up and move.

Favorite motto?

What you seek is already within you.

Favorite piece of workout/wellness gear or gadget?

Yoga mat.

To read more about Nianna’s retreats coming up all over the world, please visit Away Inward Retreats here.

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