Carolyn Englar Mom

How And Why A Reader Started Running at Age 50!

FTI Contributor Carolyn Englar gives us the low-down on growing up in a musical, not athletic, family and how her mother embarked on a newfound daily running ritual a decade ago at age 50!

Fit to Inspire Walk

Six-Week Walking Program to Jumpstart Fitness

Walking is still the simplest, most efficient way to embark on a long-term wellness journey for body, mind and spirit. Here is a simple program to get you started!

On the water

Paddle Boarding: Why women over 40 love it!

One of the fastest-growing fitness trends, Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) isn’t just a total blast – it’s a total body workout. A solid core workout, coupled with SUP’s highly social nature, it seems to have taken off with women of all fitness levels.

Toss the Gloss

Review: Toss The Gloss

Looking good can make you feel great after 50, according to a new book by a cosmetic industry insider!