Green Godess Juice Photo2

Green Goddess Juice Will Give You Energy!

This recipe will fill you with so much energy you will feel like you can conquer the world (or at least whatever the day throws at you – like a true goddess!)

Holiday Food

Easy Tips To Avoid Overeating At The Holidays!

Holiday eating can make us nervous: so many treats, drinks, cocktails, big family meals, food-driven traditions. Overeating never feels good, so let our top nutritionist Mara Feil of Stand UPP Health help you prepare for a healthy and delicious holiday!

Holiday present

Healthy Holiday Gifts To Give And Get!

The FTI Team has pooled some of our favorite well-being related things onto one tidy list – fitness, beauty, books, food, gadgets, organization. Something for every woman in your life, including you!


What Do French Children Eat At School?

Our article in MindBodyGreen on French school lunches was one of their most read articles so far in 2014! Why? Because what we feed our children at school is a big deal! Read on for a week of school lunches in photos.