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Take Our One-Week Clean Eating Detox Challenge!

If you have just a few pounds to shift, or want to start eating healthier food, get inspired by our nutritionist’s one-week clean eating challenge! It will set you down the right path of feeling and looking great!

French children eat

What Does A French School Lunch Look Like?

Our article in MindBodyGreen on French school lunches was one of their most read articles ever! Why? Because what we feed our children is a big deal! Check out a week of school lunches in photos.


Join The 10-Day Health Challenge

If you KNOW deep in your heart that your eating patterns are erratic at best, you dive into junk food while carpooling your children around, you are totally aware of what is healthy but it isn’t part of your daily life or habits yet. THEN, this is for you!


Laura Calder’s Caramel Creme De Pots

Celebrity chef and cookbook author Laura Calder dishes out her latest sinful dessert, Salted Caramel Pots de Crème! Have no fear though – they are teeny, tiny and guaranteed to hit the sweet spot!

Zucchini patties

Easy Dinner Idea: Turkey-Zucchini Patties

No more standing in front of the refrigerator at 6 pm clueless as to what to serve your family for dinner tonight! This recipe is easy, quick, healthy and delicious!

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Ten Fitness Classes And Activities To Try This Fall

When the temperature starts to get cold, here are ten classes and activities to shake up your fitness routines. There’s no time like the Fall to get motivated to keep moving – outdoors and indoors!

Victoria View 2

Swimming 15 Kilometers Around Isles Of Scilly

Earlier this month more than 100 swimmers of all levels swam 15 kilometers and walked 10 kilometers around the Isles of Scilly, UK. One of them was our reader, Victoria Crumby.

Motivational Books

Our Favorite Motivational Books

FTI founder Rebeca Plantier and writer Mahi Solomou weigh in on seven of their favorite uplifting and motivating reads from Jane Fonda to Jack Canfield, Kris Carr and more!